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Let your trademark be your business hallmark!

Srisaimarks.com is the intellectual property service division of Chennai based logo and brand creating company, 3rdeyelogo.com

The unique symbiotic relationship with 3rdeyelogo , makes even easier for the clients to find Trademark creation & trademark registration as per IPR Act under one umbrella. This saves them precious time & cost!

Srisaimarks's primary objective is to give legal entity to a word, phrase, symbol or design, or combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs and to protect them by offering services in trademark registration. This enables them to have much desired total support ranging from designing to trademark registration.

Srisaimarks team consist of qualified legal members and Trademark Registration Agents to take care of necessary drafting, filing, registration of intellectual property rights, that are trademarks, brands, logos and trade names. Come with an idea & go with a legally protected Trademark under Intellectual property rights.


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